Dev Patel, Freida Pinto ‘spotted shopping for ring on V-Day’

London, February 21 (ANI): ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto have fuelled dating rumours after being spotted shopping for a ring on Valentine’s Day.

The report comes after their co-star Anil Kapoor recently revealed he could feel “the beginning of something exciting” between the two.

The 18-year-old lad was seen taking his six-year-senior “lady love” to a High Street jeweller’s on Oxford Street – and left without purchasing anything.

“Dev and Frieda seemed completely smitten with each other. They spent 15 minutes in the jeweller’s and were quite happy to sign autographs and talk to fans,” the Sun quoted an onlooker as saying.

“They paid particular attention to one of the cabinets which was full of the more expensive rings stocked by the store chain.

“They didn’t buy anything in the end, but they certainly spent plenty of time studying the range,” the onlooker added. (ANI)

Salma Hayek marries Francois-Henri Pinault on V-Day

London, Feb 17 (ANI): Mexican stunner Salma Hayek is officially off the market. She reportedly married French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault on Valentine’s Day in Paris, France.

According to sources, the ‘Frida’ star married her baby’s daddy on Saturday at the City Hall of the (district) Sixth Arrondissement, in the country’s capital, reports the Daily Express.

The happy news emerged on Monday, courtesy Le Point newspaper, which the entrepreneur owns.

Later the news was confirmed by Mayor Jean-Pierre Lecoq.

The pair originally announced their engagement in March 2007, but called it off in July 2008.

They have a 16-month-old daughter, Valentina. (ANI)

V-Day increasingly turning ‘Break Up Day’ Down Under

Melbourne, Feb 12 (ANI): More couples break up around Valentine’s Day than at any other time of the year, according to a new online survey conducted in Australia.

The research, conducted by financial services institution Bankwest, has shown that despite the volume of chocolates and flowers delivered on February 14, married couples most often part ways at this time of year.

Nearly 19 per cent of people who took part in the survey estimated once a marriage was over, it cost more than 100,000 dollars to begin a new life, reports

One in four married couples bought a house together, while one in three took out a joint loan to purchase items including television sets, fridges, sofas and cars, the survey found.

Nearly 50 percent lost friends, while 46 per cent said their social life improved as a result of splitting up.

“Our research showed nearly one in four people estimated it took longer than two years to get back on their feet financially after a split,” Bankwest head of strategy and products Selina Duncalf said.

Duncalf said that people should get sound and independent advice on managing their finances after a separation.

Respondents included 470 Australians who had split from a relationship in the past five years. (ANI)

Hugh Hefner’s ex-lover Bridget Marquardt spending V-Day with new beau

Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Bridget Marquardt has announced that she will spend Valentine’s Day with new beau Nick Carpenter.

The ‘Girls Next Door’ beauty has been dating Carpenter since she parted ways with the Playboy mogul in October.

“I’m doing a club appearance in Vegas at Studio 54, so he’ll be my valentine and go along with me,” Us magazine quoted Marquardt as saying.

When asked how are things going with Nick, she said: “Really good!”

Marquardt currently hosts the Travel Channel’s ‘Bridget’s Sexy Beaches’, and met Carpenter when he directed her in the upcoming thriller, The Telling.

“I really haven’t dated in so long. I feel like I’m in high school again,” she said. (ANI)

Penelope Cruz has never received a V-Day card

New Delhi, Feb 10 (ANI): Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz has revealed that she doesn’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ star admits that she has never sent and never received any Valentine’s Day cards. They hold no importance for her, reports China Daily.

“Valentine’s Day cards means nothing to me. I have never sent one – and never had one,” she said.

The 34-year-old actress also revealed that she doesn’t like to talk about her love life.

“I do not like talking about love. It is too revealing. But I have had so much love in my life, and I am always open to it,” she said.

“I never talk about romance. I’m afraid of what might come out if I talk,” she added.

Taking about her link up with ‘All the Pretty Horses’ co-star Matt Damon she said, “We said there was no truth in it but we kept getting asked about it.

“I thought: ‘Why do we have to explain? It is not right that I am being asked if I am with someone or not’,” she added.

Cruz believes she is lucky in love.

“I like to think I have a proper view of love. Age does not come into it. I love older people and I love children. I have been lucky: love has always been there,” she told Britain’s Sunday Times.

“My father and my mother, Eduardo and Encarna, brought me and my sister, Monica, and brother, Eduardo, to love and appreciate each other,” she added. (ANI)