Sexy WAG Claudine Keane to front Ultimo campaign

London, Apr 24 (ANI): Sexy WAG Claudine Keane has won a top lingerie modelling job—she will be posing for Ultimo.

Married to Celtic striker Robbie Keane, 29, curvy Keane is fronting the summer campaign for Adore Moi by Ultimo.

“I’ve always been a big fan and the new designs are stunning,” the Daily Star quoted the Irish model, 27, as saying.

Michelle Mone, 38, creator of the Ultimo brand, said: “Claudine is a beautiful woman and we’re delighted to have her on board.” (ANI)

Taliban warns US of bloody summer campaign in Afghanistan

Kandahar (Afghanistan), May 5 (ANI): Taliban militants fighting in Afghanistan have warned American troops of a bloody summer campaign with the rise in the number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), suicide bombings and assassinations.

Taliban fighters say they are planning more staged ambushes in the rural areas of Aghanistan and a rash of multiple co-ordinated suicide bombings and assassinations in urban Kandahar.

Designed to spread terror across the most densely populated areas of this province, the militants’ ramped-up battle plan is a response to the impending surge of US troops and retrenching of other forces here, Globe and Mail reported.

“We have new plans, new tactics,” a Taliban logistics director based in the volatile Panjwai District says. He recently returned from high-level meetings with militant commanders in Quetta, Pakistan, and spoke about plans on condition his name remains unpublished.

“The new strategy of fighting is very important for us. It will be very dangerous for the government and for foreign troops,” he said.

Taliban’s plan will be carried out by young fighters who, in recent weeks, have been trickling into the rural areas west of Kandahar city, armed with new machine guns and sustained by villagers’ donations of dry bread and watery yogurt.

Out-powered in rural areas by military weaponry, Taliban fighters there will carry machine guns and attempt to sharpen the results of their ambushes, but they will rely more on land mines and improvised explosive devices, sources say.

Inside the city, insurgents plan to stage more frequent multi-bomber suicide attacks and targeted assassinations. Government officials and civilians who appear to be in favour of the current government regime will be hunted with new intensity.

“If a man or woman is working with the government, or they are supporters of the government or of the foreigners, we want to kill them,” said one Taliban organizer. “We want to put the pressure on Kandahar city. And we want to dissolve the government.” (ANI)

Gambhir is Coca-Cola’s new brand ambassador

New Delhi, Feb 23 (ANI): Coca Cola has signed up Indian opener Gautam Gambhir as its brand ambassador.

The left-handed batsman would be featuring in the company’s new campaign, ‘Coca-Cola Open Happiness’, to be rolled out this week.

According to a Coca Cola statement, its new campaign is designed to serve as a platform for all integrated marketing initiatives for brand Coca-Cola globally.

Gambhir has been roped for the first in a series of 2009 summer campaign.

India is the second country after the United States to feature the Coca-Cola Open Happiness campaign.

Gambhir was ecstatic about being signed for the campaign.

“Coca-Cola has always been associated with refreshment, happiness and moments of joy. All these are the qualities that I closely identify with,” he said.

Coca-Cola India Director Kashmira Chadha said, “In addition to leveraging mass media, the entire communication effort will be complimented by a range of initiatives including in-store and on-the-ground activation across all key markets.” (ANI)