Winslet ‘wants to escape house-of-horrors she shared with Mendes’

New York, March 29 (ANI): Kate Winslet is making up her mind to leave the “house-of-horrors” Manhattan apartment she shared with Sam Mendes, it has emerged.

Winslet, 34, who recently revealed she and Mendes are divorcing after seven years, has told pals she wants to leave the 6 million dollars Chelsea triplex where the pair had been living since 2005.

After their split, Mendes is believed to have been putting up at his office in the same converted warehouse building when he”s in New York.

“Kate really wants to leave the apartment. She sees it as a house of horrors because of the fights she and Sam had there. She feels it is tainted,” the New York Post quoted an insider, as saying. (ANI)

Jack Tweed ‘bedding glam girl’

London, March 29 (ANI): Jack Tweed is bedding a curvy glam girl – just a year after his wife Jade Goody passed away, it has emerged.

Tweed, 22, and Sam King, 25, have been enjoying life in each other’s arms even as the club promoter awaits trial over allegations of rape.

Jack paid a visit to Jade”s grave on Mother”s Day, the first anniversary of her death from cervical cancer, after his early release from Pentonville Prison, North London.

But pals say he also immediately called up Sam to fix up a meet.

“He is still trying to fill the void Jade left behind and is not ready for a steady relationship,” the Sun quoted an insider, as saying.

The source added: “But he likes Sam and they have slept together several times.” (ANI)

‘Desperate Kate Moss gets her own indoor VIP smoking area’

London, Mar 25 (ANI): Supermodel Kate Moss is said to have been given her own indoor VIP smoking area when she did not feel like standing outside in the rain for a smoke.

Moss, 36, was given permission to smoke in a back room at the posh London celebrity hotspot with her pals.

“Kate didn’t want to stand outside in the rain so was escorted to a back room at the other end of the club,” the Daily Star quoted sources as saying.

“She spent most of the night in there with mates,” they added. (ANI)

Josef Fritzl ‘lands £150 a month prison job as dishwasher’

London, Mar 25 (ANI): Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned his sex slave daughter in a secret dungeon for 24 years, gets 150 pounds a month as a dishwasher in prison, it has emerged.

Fritzl, who was jailed for life after raping Elisabeth at least twice a week in a cellar where he kept her shut up for 24 years, has also made friends with one of Austria’s most notorious serial killers.

Harald Sassak, known in Austria as The Gasman, is serving life for robbing and throttling to death seven pensioners. Fritzl, 74, is also pals with triple murderer Gunter Lorenz and former Olympic ice skating star Wolfgang Schwarz, who is serving 10 years for plotting to kidnap the 18-year-old daughter of a Romanian tycoon, reports The Daily Express.

Fritzl, who is incarcerated at Stein Prison in Krems, Austria, does washing and folds laundry, wipes down tables and sweeps floors. He works alongside 23 other men for between six and seven hours a day.

Peter Prechtl, of Stein Prison, said Fritzl is closely monitored.

He added: “He is well- integrated now and ready to work.” (ANI)

Christine Bleakley insists she’s no WAG

London, Mar 22 (ANI): Northern Irish television presenter Christine Bleakley has insisted that she is no WAG, and to prove her point she refused to go to South Africa to watch boyfriend Frank Lampard play in the World Cup.

Bleakley, 31, has been dating the England and Chelsea footballer, also 31, since October, but she has told pals she wants to take it slowly.

“It’s going well with Frank. But going to South Africa would send out totally the wrong message,” the Daily Star quoted her as telling a friend.

“And there’s no way I want to be classed as a WAG,” she added. (ANI)

Usher gifts Range Rover to Justin Bieber on 16th b’day

London, March 22 (ANI): Justin Bieber was pleasantly surprised when his mentor Usher gifted the teen singer his first car on his 16th birthday.

The Canadian R&B star who turned 16 on March 1 celebrated the day with a lavish party in LA with pals.

And his joy knew no bounds when Usher gifted him a sparkling new Range Rover.

“I was in L.A (for my birthday). I went to L.A. first and I had a party out there for all my friends and stuff and then we went to Toronto and had a family party up there. (Usher) helped buy me a car. He bought me a Range Rover. I can drive,” the Daily Star quoted him, as saying on TV show Live From Studio Five. (ANI)

Jemima Khan ”unimpressed” by Hugh Grant’s food fight

London, Mar 20 (ANI): Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriend Jemima Khan is seemingly ”unimpressed” with the actor’s recent food fight with PR executive Matthew Freud.

The actor had become involved in a fracas with Freud because he was upset that stories had appeared linking Jemima to Guy Ritchie, whom she met at a party at Freud”s house in Notting Hill.

However, it has emerged that Sir James Goldsmith”s daughter is not very happy on hearing the news.

“Jemima thinks the whole thing is very childish,” the Telegraph quoted one of her pals as saying.

“She doesn”t need anyone dishing out right hooks on her behalf,” added the friend.

Grant, 49, allegedly punched Freud after the PR man had smeared chocolate cake over his shirt.

The actor is said to have provoked the incident by using a four-letter word to describe Freud. (ANI)

Being net pals with ex-lovers can be dangerous

Melbourne, Mar 20 (ANI): Are you still chatting with your ex online? Beware, for such camaraderie between former lovers is like playing with fire and can take a toll on your current and future relationships, say experts.

With online social networks becoming more and more integrated into our real lives, former partners are more of a problem than ever because of websites like Facebook.

Author and relationship expert John Aiken said it was fine for single people to have their ex as a friend on these sites. But, when one begins a new relationship, he or she needs to tread carefully, he warned.

“You need to consider how much contact you have with them, the type of intimate details you exchange, and the type of photos you share with them,” quoted Aiken as saying.

“If you”re in this position, set some clear boundaries with your ex and put your new partner first at all times.

“If that means shutting down your social networking with them, get it done today and make your new partner feel important,” he added.

Clinical psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack said being friends online with an ex had hidden pitfalls.

“The reason it may not work is because, while one of the partners is happy to stay friends, the other one may have hope that the relationship will be renewed at some stage in the future,” said McCormack.

“Staying friends with an ex can work for some, but there needs to be some caution for both parties. If staying friends is preventing someone from moving on, then it is not healthy,” she added. (ANI)

Most Brit teens hack “for fun”!

London, March 19 (ANI): A new survey has found that one-fourth of British teens try to access their pals’ Facebook accounts.

The poll of 1150 under-19s showed that the most common way of access was by “cracking” each other”s passwords.

It was seen that about 50 percent of youngsters who accessed other accounts used their personal computers or those at school.

Teens said they mainly did it for fun while 21 percent confessed they wanted to cause trouble.

Twenty percent of those who admitted to hacking believed they could make money from it with 5 percent describing it as a career option.

The respondents taking part in the survey, commissioned by Tufin Technologies, maintained anonymity.

Seventy-eight percent knew hacking was not right.

“Playing around with computers and trying to understand the system can be leveraged for good and bad purposes,” the BBC quoted Reuven Harrison, co-founder of Tufin Technologies, as saying.

Harrison added: “There”s a fine line at which point it becomes something bad. Children don”t always understand where that line is.” (ANI)

Josef Fritzl ‘makes killer pal in jail’

London, Mar 19 (ANI): Jailed Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned his sex slave daughter in a secret dungeon for 24 years, has found a pal in a killer who slaughtered seven people.

Fritzl, 74, is caged in the maximum security Stein jail in Krems, Austria, where Harald Sassak has also been incarcerated.

They are both serving life sentences and according to sources they have become close pals, reports The Sun.

Fritzl was convicted of killing one of the seven children he fathered by daughter Elisabeth.

As far as Sassak is concerned, he was Austria”s most notorious killer and was known as ”The Gasman” because he posed as the employee of an energy firm. He throttled seven pensioners — raping one of them — before ransacking their homes for cash and jewellery.

Besides Sassak, Fritzl has also become friends with triple killer Guenter Lorenz and former Olympic skater Wolfgang Schwarz who trafficked young girls into prostitution.

A prison officer said: “They are quite a grim little gang.

“No one is in here because they”re an angel but this lot are the dregs of the world.”

While talking about Fritzl, prison general lieutenant Peter Prechtl said: “He is unobtrusive and has adapted well to day-to-day schedules.” (ANI)

When Amy Winehouse shoved a fan in face for taking her picture

London, Mar 17 (ANI): ‘Rehab’ singer Amy Winehouse is said to have attacked a fan of hers as he was trying to take a picture of her.

Winehouse, 26, was seen and photographed lashing out before grabbing the man’s iPhone and shoving it in his face on March 16 outside a supermarket with pals in Marylebone High Street, central London.

She claimed she feared the man was going to attack her and was acting in self- defence.

“This guy lifted his iPhone up to try to take her picture. She tried to take it out of his hand and they grappled with it,” the Daily Star quoted an onlooker as saying.

“Then she got it and open-handedly hit him in the face. She started shouting but wasn’t trying to hide what she’d done,” the onlooker said.

Her spokesman said she was just retaliating because the man had pushed her friend out of the way so he could take her photo.

“She asked him: ‘Why did you do that?’ and then shoved him,” he added. (ANI)

George Michael ”gay cruising with iPhone”s Grindr app”

London, March 17 (ANI): George Michael is using technology to find hot guys – the singer has downloaded an iPhone application that helps him find blokes nearby, it has emerged.

According to Michael”s pals, the 46-year-old hitmaker is cleverly using Grindr app to locate partners and meet them as he vacations Down Under.

“George has been using the application loads since he has been in Oz as he doesn”t know the local spots,” the Daily Star quoted an insider, as saying.

The source added: “It”s great for him as he can find out exactly where the nearest people are discreetly without having to ask around in bars where he would be recognised.”

Melbourne blogger Richard Taylor said: “Apparently George Michael was on Grindr during the break at his show last night.”

The news comes just days after Michael was snapped having fun with men on his yacht off Sydney Harbour. (ANI)

Like humans, gorillas too cajole bored pals to continue a game

London, Mar 17 (ANI): Gorillas, just like humans, have the tendency to keep bored friends into a game by cajoling or even by deliberately losing if need arises, a new study found.

The above tendency indicates that gorillas may have “theory of mind” – the capacity to attribute mental states to others, said Richard Byrne and Joanne Tanner of St Andrews University in the UK, who videotaped gorillas at San Francisco Zoo.

Other than engaging with a toy and another gorilla, the animals seemed aware of how their playmate was interacting with the toy.

“The gorillas could encourage their playmates when they were losing interest, or self-handicap if there was a danger of winning the game,” New Scientist quoted Byrne as saying.

This is the first time animals have been observed following a playmate”s interaction with a third object – a skill picked up by humans at 9 months old.

However, with dogs, cats, lions and bears “the animal wants to win the game, rather than keep it going. This is different to throwing a stick for your pet dog,” said Byrne.

Byrne said that because the gorillas seem to be taking account of the thoughts of others, they are showing some theory of mind competence, despite the fact that they do not pass a theory-of-mind test called the false belief testMovie Camera, which looks at the ability to infer another”s perspective.

The study has been published in the journal Animal Cognition. (ANI)

Lohan sparks swine flu fears with “achey” tweet

London, Mar 16 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan is said to have sparked fears she has contracted swine flu after she asked followers on about the symptoms of the illness, and adding that she was feeling “achey”.

Lohan, 23, posted a note on her page asking fans, “What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?” and then added she was worried she had the virus as one of her pals had fallen ill with it.

“Achey? My friend had it and I am sick and I’m now concerned!!!!” the Daily Star quoted her as having written.

Concerned fans immediately sent her a barrage of messages, and she in turn had to tell them that she did not say she had the virus and that she was going to the doctor for a check-up just in case.

“I never said I have it or anything, I was just reaching out to ask because everyone here may know different things about it,” she said.

Adding: “Isn’t this what Twitter is for? I don’t (know if I have it) and my doctor is coming now. I didn’t Google it b/c (because) this seemed more convenient.” (ANI)

Paltrow keen to take part in TV show ‘Come Dine With Me’

London, Mar 16 (ANI): ‘Iron Man’ star Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be eager to take part in Channel 4’s ‘Come Dine With Me’.

Paltrow, 37, is keen to take part in a star-studded episode of the programme, in which four contestants show their cooking skills with a series of dinner parties at each other’s homes.

“She is obsessed with the show. She watches it every day and records the shows she can’t see because of the kids or work,” the Daily Express quoted a source close to the actress as saying.

“She is seriously hoping to get on the show herself with maybe some of her celeb pals,” the source added. (ANI)

‘Morality preacher’ Tevez’s secret trysts with glamour model

London, Mar 8 (ANI): Manchester City ace striker Carlos Tevez, who slammed John Terry for having no moral code, is enjoying secret hotel trysts with a glamour model while the mother of his two kids nursed their sick newborn daughter.

The Manchester City striker flew back to London with Mariana Paesani as childhood sweetheart Vanessa stayed in Argentina with six weeks premature Katie.

Witnesses said the pair were “like a love-struck young couple” on the plane from Buenos Aires before City played Chelsea, The Sun reports.

The next day they were spotted leaving her hotel just after dawn before jetting to Germany.

Mariana, 31, once said she would “die for footballers”. She and Tevez were accused of having a fling in 2008.

Pals last night claimed the star and Vanessa split up six months ago, but his dad Raimundo said: “They’re still together.”

Tevez had launched an astonishing attack on Terry by saying that if someone in his homeland had an affair with a teammate’s girlfriend, like Terry did with Wayne Bridge’s, they “would not survive”.

“If you acted like this in Argentina you’d be dead,” Tevez said in reaction to Terry’s affair with Bridge’s girlfriend. (ANI)

Ashley Cole ”vows to win back Cheryl”

London, March 5 (ANI): Ashley Cole is hoping to patch up things with wife Cheryl – by offering to renew their wedding vows, it has emerged.

He has told pals that he will win back the singer in showdown talks next week.

Ashley is confident that he”ll make things work during a 15-minute face-to-face next week.

“Ashley and a lot of his friends reckon Cheryl will come back,” the Sun quoted a close pal as saying.

“JT always knew he was going to get Toni back, he even told the lads in the dressing room.

“Ashley is clinging to the hope that he can do the same,” the pal added.

Cheryl, 26, will see him in France after promoting single Parachute in Denmark. (ANI)

‘Monty Python’ pals John Cleese and Michael Palin may work together again

London, September 20 (ANI): Former ‘Monty Python’ stars John Cleese, 69, and Michael Palin, 66, may soon be working together again.

They are said to have been discussing reuniting for the first time in more than a decade.

The pair met last month while Cleese, who lives in California, was in London after his 12million-pound divorce from third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger.

Palin revealed on Michael Ball’s Radio 2 show that they were chatting about old times then Cleese, 69, said: “Wouldn’t it be good to act again?”

The Daily Express quoted Palin as saying: “I saw John the other night and we were saying it would be nice to do some acting again, so you never know.”

Palin’s agent, however, said that there were no definite plans yet for the pair to work together.

The pair starred together in the hit movie ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ in 1988, and its sequel ‘Fierce Creatures’ in 1997. (ANI)

Cops not probing Jordan rape claims

London, Sept 19 (ANI): Cops have said that they will not be investigating glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan’s rape claims.

Surrey police said they were unable to continue inquiries due to “a lack of substantiated information”.

The 31-year-old busty beauty is said to be “hugely relieved” after the news.

Jordan revealed that she “wanted to draw a line under the whole sorry episode” and has vowed to keep a low profile in the coming weeks, reports the Mirror.

She told pals: “I never expected it to blow up like this. I want it to go away.”

The reality TV star had revealed she was raped by a”famous celebrity”earlier this week, an allegation the star in question denies. (ANI)

Richie’s daughter Sophia befriends MJ’s Paris

Washington, Sept 18 (ANI): Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s friendship has passed onto the next generation quite literally, as the daughter of the two stars are now pals.

Richie’s daughter Sophia and Jackson’s child Paris became friends after a playdate on the Saturday before MJ passed away.

The 60-year-old Richie is extremely delighted that their daughters are pals now.

Contactmusic quoted the Hello singer as saying: “Michael and I have been trying to get them together forever and ironically enough they had a playdate on that Saturday before he died. That was our first-time meeting.

“We met backstage and they (girls) have been inseparable ever since.”(ANI)