Will Smith’s wife helped him overcome sex scene fears

Washington, Jan 9 (ANI): Unlike many women, Jada Pinkett-Smith actually encouraged her actor husband Will to shed all fears and get as hot and heavy as possible in his love scene for film ‘Seven Pounds’.

She did so because she wanted to protect her own reputation.

The ‘I Am Legend’ actor could be seen doing a racy romp with stunning Rosario Dawson in the film.

“Jada said, ”Listen, make sure you don”t embarrass me.” She said women forever are going to be looking at this love scene and they”re going to decide whether you can go or not. So don”t be holding back, don”t embarrass me,” Fox News quoted Will Smith as telling how his wife encouraged him for the sexy scene.

The lovemaking sequence is just the second sex scene Smith has done in his entire acting career, after showing off his bedroom antics with Pinkett herself in ‘Ali’.

And thus, Smith was a bunch of nerves before going all the way to do a racy scene with Dawson.

“Will wouldn”t start kissing for weeks,” Dawson revealed to the L.A Times.

She added: “It would be on the schedule, we”d have lights and everything set up, and he would end up being like, ”I”m not feeling it tonight. I don”t think it”s going to happen. Let”s wait another week.” I was checking my breath, smelling myself, trying to see: ”Am I offending the man in some way?”” (ANI)

Sir Edmund Hillary’s skeletal graveyard dancing pizza ad creates uproar

Wellington, A halloween pizza ad depicting Sir Edmund Hillary dancing in a graveyard has been criticized by his family and friends, who claim it to be in ‘bad taste’.

The animated Hell Pizza ad shows a mostly skeletal Sir Ed, along with actor Heath Ledger and the Queen Mother, emerging from graves to dance to Michael Jackson”s song Thriller.

It was posted on the Internet two days before Halloween, and has been dubbed ‘grotesque’ by Sir Ed”s son, Peter Hillary.

“I think it”s a bit disturbing … a little grotesque. I don”t think it”s funny and I”m not very impressed,” Stuff. co. nz quoted Mr Hillary, as saying.

“It is early days and it”s still pretty raw. It”s extremely poor taste really,” he added.

The video clip has been removed for the company”s website.

Hell promotions had been under fire, previously, for campaigns featuring Adolf Hitler, a mail drop that included condoms, and a spoof of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin”s death.

Glenn Corbett, retail operations manager for TPF Group, which acquired the Hell chain in 2006, said the company had no intention of offending anyone, especially the Hillary family.

“Clearly he”s revered in New Zealand and we all love him. It”s the sort of thing that Hell does to create a little bit of fun and a little bit of humour,” he said.

“The idea of Sir Ed being there was intended to be a light-hearted remembrance of Sir Ed that was a bit hellish,” he added. (ANI)