BA worker fronts court over bomb plot

A British Airways computer expert has appeared in a British court accused of planning suicide bombings and his own martyrdom.

Prosecutors allege Bangladeshi-born Rajib Karim planned to take advantage of a strike at the airline by joining the carrier’s cabin crew.

The 30-year-old faces three charges under counter-terrorism legislation.

He is accused of two counts of planning suicide bombings and his own martyrdom.

He is also accused of plotting with contacts in his homeland, Pakistan and Yemen

Prosecutors allege the man deliberately stayed in Britain, obtaining a passport and finding work with British Airways as part of the plot.

Prosecutors accuse him of sharing information about his work and saying he would join the airline’s cabin crew during a strike expected to take place soon.

The third charge alleges he collected money and transferred it to terrorist associates abroad.

Anti-terrorism police arrested Karim in the office where he worked as a computer software developer in Newcastle upon Tyne, in north-east England, on February 25.

Forensic experts are going through hundreds of files from computers seized at his workplace and home.

He was remanded in custody and will appear again in court later this month.