Liberal leadership questions unfair: Chapman

Opposition frontbencher Vickie Chapman says some media outlets are unfairly targeting the South Australian Liberals with questions about future leadership.

At a news conference on Monday, Ms Chapman did not rule out a challenge to Isobel Redmond’s current leadership.

But she later issued a statement offering Ms Redmond her full support.

Ms Chapman says some media reports have exaggerated the issue.

“Questions like this are raised for absolutely no reason whatsoever and yet no question is asked to Mr Weatherill or Mr Foley or Mr Atkinson (Labor ministers) as to their commitment to never challenging their leader,” she said.

“So it’s always concerning that they raise this issue with us.”

‘Couldn’t paper over the cracks’

Premier Mike Rann says questions about the Liberal leadership show the party is not ready to govern South Australia.

“Even in the last week of an election campaign they couldn’t paper over the cracks in terms of the Liberal divisions and with Vickie Chapman refusing twice to rule out a challenge – and that goes to the heart of their problem,” he said.

“They’re not ready to govern because they spend so much of their time fighting among themselves.”

As for his own leadership, Mr Rann has admitted there are many voters who do not like him.

He has not committed to leading Labor beyond the election if the Government loses on Saturday, saying that would be up to his colleagues.

But Mr Rann says he will serve his full term, if he is re-elected.

“If I’m re-elected as Premier then I would expect to serve out my full term because it would be an endorsement of the people of this state,” he said.

“People might not like me but I hope they can see that we have been delivering more jobs, more projects, more contracts for this state.

“We’ve been keeping this state moving ahead. No longer no-one describes this state as the rust bucket state today [as] they did eight years ago.”

South Australians go to the polls on Saturday.