Sir Michael Gambon becomes dad again

London, June 22 (ANI): Harry Potter star Sir Michael Gambon’s mistress Philippa Hart has given birth to the couple’s second child.

The Irish-born actor, who plays Professor Dumbledore in the wizard films, has become a father for the third time at the age of 68.

Gambon is already father to 17-month-old son Michael with set designer Hart and 44-year-old son Fergus with his wife Lady Anne.

“Philippa gave birth at a London hospital without complications and little Michael is a beautiful bouncing baby. It is a very strange set of circumstances worthy of a film script in itself,” the Sun quoted a family friend as saying.

“But Michael is open with his wife and she accepts the second relationship, though there have been rows in the past,” the family friend added.

The actor shares a house with his wife of 45 years in Gravesend, Kent, and often visits Hart in Chiswick, South West London. (ANI)

Fraudsters replace Queen’s head with Boy George on fake notes

London, Mar 26 (ANI): In a bizarre incident, fraudsters replaced the Queen’s head with a picture of jailed pop singer Boy George on forged bank notes.

The forgery came into limelight after a staff at a stationary shop discovered a fake 20-pound note with a picture of the former Culture Club singer on its watermark instead of the monarch.

Ryman’s in Gravesend, Kent didn’t realise the fraud until they tried to cash the note on March 23.

When they studied the note further, they saw a picture of Boy George printed where the Queen’s head should be.

“We took the note on Saturday afternoon, but we didn’t realise it was a fake until I took it to the bank on Monday,” the Telegraph quoted a spokesman for the store as saying.

“The cashier held it up to the light and then spotted that Boy George’s face was on it instead of the Queen’s,” she added.

“I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it – we’ve certainly had nothing like it before.

‘Karma Chameleon’ hitmaker is currently serving a 15-month jail sentence for falsely imprisoning and beating a male escort. (ANI)