Goody’s sons celebrate early Mother’s Day with dying mum

London, March 16 (ANI): Jade Goody’s sons brought flowers for their cancer-stricken mum in what could be one of their last visits as she gradually nears her end.

Five-year-old Bobby and four-year-old Freddie visited the 27-year-old, who has just few hours to live after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, to spend time together as part of an early Mother’s Day celebration.

In a touching moment, the little pair held onto their mum’s hand as weak Jade fell asleep after being heavily sedated to lessen her shooting pains.

“The boys went to see her and she was aware of them for a brief moment or two. She saw them and she smiled,” the Sun quoted her spokesman Max Clifford as saying.

“She has put her house in order and faced up to everything in an incredibly brave way. Now we’re waiting for the inevitable. It could be at any time, we just don’t know,” he added.

Jade had pleaded doctors at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital to let her return to her house in Upshire, Essex, so that she could spend her final days with her beloved lads.

Her worsening condition had left medics to fear that she could slip away any time.

She had then told her kids that she would be looking over them as a bright star up in the sky.

She had said: “Mummy’s going to heaven soon. I’m going to be a star up in the sky, so when you are looking up you will be able to see me and know I’m there, always looking over you.”

And when innocent little Freddie asked: “Why are you so sleepy?”

The brave mum replied: “Because the angels are calling Mummy.” (ANI)

Jade Goody vows to be present at sons’ Christening

London, February 25 (ANI): Cancer-stricken Jade Goody has vowed to be present at her sons’ Christening ‘next week’.

The ‘Big Brother’ star, who had been given just few weeks to live by doctors after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, was ordered to have complete rest after her exhaustive wedding on February 22.

However, the 27-year-old was adamant to defy the medics and has been busy organising her “final wish” to have her sons Bobby, aged five and Freddie, aged four, baptised as soon as possible.

“Nothing will stop me from being there,” the Daily Star quoted her as telling her pals.

“I’m absolutely exhausted. But I’ve got to keep going for my boys. I want them to believe in Jesus and God. I want them to believe in Heaven.

“When I told them I was going to Heaven, Freddie said to me: ‘Heaven is a bad place, it’s where people go when they die.’ And I said: ‘No, that’s not right. It’s where people who are poorly go to get better.’

“I’ve got just one thing left to do – to see them Christened.”

Her rep Max Clifford added: “She is exhausted and has been told to rest.

“Jade being Jade, she’s now determined to sort out the Christening – she wants it sooner rather than later. It’s understandable, it is important for her to have something to focus on, to occupy herself.” (ANI)