Say bye to fake boobs, welcome natural curves again

Melbourne, Mar 31 (ANI): The fake breast boom is coming to an end, as fewer women are expected to go for breast implants in 2010, according to market research.

Market researcher Mintel has adjusted its predicted cosmetic surgery figures for 2010 from an upward curve to a slow, sustained decline instead, according to Times Online.

The report comes in line with a current Hollywood trend, where celebrities are opting to remove breast implants and film studios are favouring natural curves over over-inflated bosoms, reports

Celebrities like former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, British model Katie Price, along with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham— all had their breast implants removed last year.

In fact, the director of the fourth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie recently said that only actresses with natural curves should apply for roles, thus banning enhanced breasts from the set, reported the Sunday Times.

Even fashion shows around the world seem to be favouring the natural look again, what with models looking less artificial in recent shows. (ANI)