Airtel launches new service “My Airtel My Offer”

The largest cellular service provider in India, Bharti Airtel has launched its new service called “My Airtel My Offer” for its prepaid subscribers. The service lets the subscribers know various new schemes and offers by launched Airtel, without receiving any calls or SMSs on their mobile phones.

“My Airtel My Offer” service has specifically been launched for the customers who do not like to be disturbed by unnecessary text messages. The company has launched the service to please the subscribers who believe in “Do Not Disturb” policy. The service lets subscribers to pick the offers suiting to them, from the range of offers provided by Airtel, without any unnecessary disturbances.

According to Airtel, the prepaid customers can simply dial toll free number 12131 to get the information about personalized offers, such as the best value tariff recharges or validity vouchers or new value added service information. The personalized offers are based on the prepaid users’ past usage, current recharge behavior and VAS preferences. On the toll free number 12131, the prepaid customers can listen to offer of the day in three languages including Marathi, Hindi and English.

Commenting on the new service, the CEO, Mobility, Bharti Airtel Ltd Maharashtra and Goa, Manu Talwar said, “My Airtel My Offer is a unique segmented offer empowering our customers to receive offers suiting their individual needs instead of being disturbed with all kinds of SMSs. ‘My Airtel My Offer’ is exclusive and special, giving customers access to latest and value enhancing offers suiting their specific needs.”

Raghunath Mandava, chief marketing officer, mobile services, Airtel, said, “At Airtel, we believe that every customer of ours is unique and valuable. We also understand that our customers have their own preferences and usage needs. With My Airtel My Offer, we firmly believe that we are taking a major step towards empowering and transforming the user experience of all Airtel customers.”

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